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Preksha Dhyan - Meditation system - For stress management.

Preksha Meditation is the art of using mental concentration on perception, visualization, contemplation, to produce desirable changes in your life.

Preksha Meditation (Preksha Dhyan): the art of healthy and happy living.....Preksha in simple terms means "to see oneself" to directly perceive and realize the most subtle aspects of one's own body, mind and consciousness.  It is a comprehensive system of meditation based on ancient philosophy and modern scientific knowledge.



It is not a theological dogma.  Relaxation, auto-suggestion is being successfully used in the fields of health care, business, education, athletics and creative arts.  Thousands of people across the world are using the powerful techniques of Preksha Dhyan to their advantage. 

  • The practice begins with the exercise of perception of breath, which focuses the concentration of the ever-restless mind.

  • Click here to vies Blog by Jyotindra Zaveri

Play this video to listen to Preksha Dhyan theme song.


  • Anupreksha or  Therapeutic Thinking is a technique of contemplation exercise.

  • In this autosuggestion plays a very significant role.  By use of auto-suggestion and intense willing, the practitioner can modify his / her psychological distortions, change his attitude and behavioral patterns and generally develop his / her personality.

  • This is followed by systematic Kayotsarg or Relaxation, which drains out tensions and establishes a direct contact of the mind with each part of the body. A completely relaxed but alert body encourages the brain to drift into the alpha frequency level where one can tap the tremendous powers of the subconscious mind.

    At this level, we can consciously develop our willpower for activating the healing mechanism. With this technique, one can canalize the flow of vital energy for healing and curing.

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  • Visualizing bright colors on certain Endocrine Glands using the technique of auto-suggestion enables one to acquire the desirable virtues:

    • Patience

    • Compassion

    • Non-attachment (Aparigraha)

    • Forbearance

    • Fearlessness (Abhay)

    • Self-discipline

  • Many Seminars and Workshops were conducted by Jyotindra: click here to see the track record

  • A lecture on the Scientific Meditation was delivered by Jyotindra on 12 May 2003 at The Hotel Pride, Pune.  Organized by the Rotary Club of Pune Khadki.

  •  Let me know if you are interested in knowing more about Preksha Dhyan

  • In addition to Jyotindra at Pune, his elder brother Arun bhai is also carrying out the activities of teaching Scientific Meditation at Mumbai. Visit his website www.scientificmeditation.com

  • In addition to my software activities, I have been also involved in teaching the scientific technique called ‘Preksha Dhyan’.

  • Preksha is a perfect antidote to bring back the balance and harmony to our life. Many modern social problems like violence, intolerance, disrespect for environment etc., can easily be cured by Preksha Dhyan without having to spend thousands of Rupees.

  • Tension, uncertainty, fear, greed, anguish and mental / physical / emotional imbalances are the gifts (!) of e-life style.

e-Tribute to the great teacher of Preksha Dhyan

Tribute to Shri Jethabhai Zaveri.  Bhisma Pitamaha of the Indian Electrical Industry.  Jethabhai and Mahendra Muni gave the Scientific basis to Preksha Dhyan as per guidance from Acharya Mahaprajna

Samadhi of 41 days - without food  - that is 'Santhara'  taken by Jethabhai: read full story

Additional study material:   http://www.preksha.com/ 

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