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Anuvrat - Atomic vows - small decisions that common people can commit - minimum code of conduct that everyone should follow

  1. I will not willfully kill any innocent creature.

    1. I will not commit suicide.

    2. I will not, commit feticide.

  2. I will not attack anybody.

    1. I will not support aggression.

    2. I will Endeavour to bring about world peace and disarmament. [Believe in non-violence].

  3. I will not take part in violent agitations or in any destructive activities.

  4. I will believe in human unity.

    1. I will not discriminate on the basis of caste, color etc., nor will I treat anyone as an untouchable.

  5. I will practice religious toleration.

    1. I will not rouse sectarian frenzy.

  6. I will observe rectitude in business and general behavior.

    1. I will not harm others in order to serve any ends.

    2. I will not practice deceit.

  7. I will set limits to the practice of continence and acquisition.

  8. I will not resort to unethical practices in elections.

  9. I will not encourage socially evil customs.

  10. I will lead a life free from addictions.

    1. I will not use intoxicants like Gutka, alcohol, heroin, tobacco, etc.

  11. I will always be alert to the problems of keeping the environment pollution-free.

    1. I will not cut down trees.

    2. I will not waste water.


[No Feticide: Never kill the girl child in the motherís womb]

anuvrat - sanyam - limit your desires

  • Irrespective of your belief in God, first thing is that we all can become a good human being, that's it.

  • It is one of the ways to eliminate violence in the world and to remove the threat of a nuclear holocaust which is still staring the people in the face.

  • This all gels nicely with what Mahatma Gandhi was talking about and in current times Anna Hazare is telling us.  Non-violence, anti-corruption and proper code of conduct for election and so on and so forth.

  • If an individual is morally awakened and if he / she volunteers to follow the moral code of conduct based on the atomic vows (Anu-Vrat), this will naturally lead to the purification of society.

Students' Anuvrat

  • I will not resort to unfair means in the examinations.

  • I will not vandalize nor take part in violent activities.

  • I will not use obscene language, will not read pornographic literature, and will not see obscene movies.

  • I will not use drugs and intoxicants.

  • I will not resort to unethical practices in elections.

  • I will not marry for a consideration in the form of dowry and under conditions of ostentation, nor will 1 participate in any such marriage.

  • I will not cut down trees and will not contribute to pollution.

Teachers' Anuvrat

  • I will help as much in the building students' character as in their mental development.

  • I will not adopt illegal means in helping students pass the examinations.

  • I will give no place to party politics in my educational institution; nor will I encourage my students to take part in it.

  • I will not use drugs and intoxicants.

  • I will contribute to the expansion of the Anuvrat Movement.

Businessmen's Anuvrats

  • I will refrain from adulteration and from selling counterfeit goods.

  • I will not indulge in under-weighing or false measuring.

  • I will not trade in or undertake the import or export of contraband, nor will I act as a smuggler.

  • I will not go back on my pledge to return articles under my custody or mortgaged by others.

  • I will not indulge in hoarding.

Officers'/Employees' Anuvrat

  • I will not accept bribes.

  • I will not abuse my authority.

  • I will not use drugs and intoxicants.

Election Candidates' Anuvrat

  • I will not seek votes through fear or temptation.

  • I will not indulge in character assassination of of my opponents.

  • I will not adopt illegal practices during voting and counting of votes.

Voters' Anuvrat

  • I will not cast my vote out of fear or temptation.

  • I will not impersonate as a voter.

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